The BigShots Golf story starts like any other good story – at the beginning. In 2018, BigShots Golf was acquired by Invited, the World Leader in Private Clubs, to diversify the game of golf and appeal to players of all skill levels. How? With scratch kitchen food, a fun virtual golf gaming experience and an entertaining atmosphere - think mini-golf, firepits, live music, and yard games. Everyone from kids, pros to average Joes can partake in the fun and live like a BigShot!


about us

Here, everyone is a BigShot and we’re redefining what it really means to be one. It’s not just the star athlete, it’s not the person with all the skills to pay the bills, or your friend with the effortless athletic ability. Your past ideas of what makes a BigShot is taking a turn.

Being a BigShot is a mindset. It’s about being true to yourself, accepting who you are and showing that off to the world! It’s about not judging a book by its cover and accepting everyone is different in their own, unique way. Be weird, let loose, get wild, have fun – we're not here to judge.

We believe being a BigShot is about giving your best. It’s about being in the game. It’s about living in the moment and creating memories. We are a home for anyone. Because everyone is a BigShot.


We Believe

Yes, we are absolutely rooted in golf. We believe the game of golf should be fun, approachable, and accessible to everyone. But just like you, we are much more than what is seen on the surface. We set out to create an experiential destination that’s centered around scratch-made food, passionate people, cutting-edge technology and unexpected experiences – a playground for all ages.

It’s a place where people can play golf (if you want), grab a bite from our unexpected menu with friends or enjoy live entertainment on the patio over great drinks. It’s an atmosphere that is set up to feel like a neighborhood. One that is accepting to everyone. And a place where we’ve removed the friction to take your first swing.


bigshots tech

We can’t serve BigShots without being BigShots ourselves! Our people are the heart and soul who inject life into our brand. We believe WE is bigger than ME and that the next big idea can come from anyone at any level. We promised to build a brand that invests in its culture and people first. It’s why we created our employee loyalty program that rewards you for performance across every level and career mapping and advancement planning that puts you on track to advance and grow with us.

Because if our team isn’t treated like BigShots, how can we expect our guests to be?


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Looking for a job that you'll actually be excited to go to? At BigShots Golf, we're always searching for team players to join our squad.

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