You don't have to be a pro to have fun playing games at BigShots Golf. Take a swing at our interactive games that level the playing field for everyone!


Big Tech


We're straight shooters here at BigShots Golf. Each tee box is powered by TrackMan* Range, a Doppler radar-based system that covers the entire tee box and range. So, sit back and try your hand at our virtual games, have a full practice session complete with stats or play virtual courses from around the world. All you need to do is swing!

*TrackMan Range is currently at select locations only.

All in climate-controlled comfort

Set up your shot in complete comfort thanks to our climate-controlled tee boxes, which are designed to help you relax and unwind. From take-away to follow-through, we’ve got you covered with a comfy setting, options for food and drink, and room for your friends. Keep up with the latest in sports entertainment on big-screen TVs included in each tee box.


Bigshots Knockout


Bigshots Pinball


Bigshots Island


Bigshots Long Drive

Long Drive


Nerd out with Range Mode and get performance stats after every swing. Nail down your stroke, brag about your ball speed, and dial in every club. Want to get more data? Download the free TrackMan app at select venues and track all your stats directly from your phone. You'll never need a caddie again. 

What stats can we track?

BigShots Golf tee boxes are equipped with innovative virtual golf technology for highly interactive experiences that mirror the real thing. Track your stats, including ball speed and spin rate, club speed, and launch angle, to dial in your drive for better performance on the links. You can even send stats directly to your phone for convenience.

Record game stats and your swing for pics-or-it-didn’t-happen proof when you nail a perfect shot. You can also capture video to show an instructor later so they can troubleshoot your take-away or better your backswing.

Enjoy Eyes on Your Ball All the Way With TrackMan Technology

Seeing your ball as it soars through the air or lands on the green is important. BigShots Golf has invested in TrackMan Range technology, which makes it possible to track your ball over the virtual fairways. Your eyes on the ball means more feedback about your swing’s performance, and when you’re playing with friends, they can more easily cheer you on or engage in good-natured ribbing should you happen to slice that drive.


If you're not at a pro golfer status but want to play where the best have, BigShots Golf takes you to some of the most prominent courses around the globe without the real-world expenses. Experience iconic courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Liberty National and more to get a taste of what the pros play every week with our tech-loaded games! Courses vary by location.


Competition Play


Sometimes a little competition helps you play at your best. Our proprietary Live Play technology lets you go head to head against your friends, make enemies with the tee box next to yours or even take down the BigShots at another one of our locations. May the biggest BigShot win.

Play YOUR Way in Our Tee Boxes

With multiple interactive and virtual games, famour virtual courses, and practice session options, you’re the real big shot in our tee box. You call the shots, using our Live Play Technology to select games like Knockout, Pinball, Islands, and Long Drive or playing a favorite golf course until you memorize every fairway, green, and rough.

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